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The ONLINE DATABASE of the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow allows browsing and viewing its collection in multiple ways.

SIMPLE SEARCH - Here you can enter any term. If it is used in any object description, the search engine will display the object record. Note: the online object record may not display all fields of the museum object record.

ADVANCED SEARCH - Here you can refine your search. You can enter the data of the object you search for in the different fields. You can fill in any number of fields. The circled fields: Creator, Place of Origin, Type, Technique, Keywords contain dictionaries. It means that you can only search for the terms listed in these fields. For the sake of clarity, dictionaries of places of origin feature contemporary administrative and geographical divisions.

ALBUM Selected objects may be added to the Album by clicking on the icon. An object may be removed from the album by clicking on the Trash icon.


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